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About the Pottery My pottery pieces are created in a home studio nestled on the edge of protected woodland. Beginning with a consideration for function, my goal is to create an interdependent relationship between the three-dimensional form of the clay and the surface of the pot. In a culture of mass production, I am not interested in making pieces that are exactly alike. I want each piece to have a voice that makes it as individual as we are. I hope that my pots will not only be displayed for their aesthetic attributes, but also be included in the simple daily rituals of our busy lives.

My earthenware pieces are painted with layers of colored slips and underglazes and finished with a clear satin glaze. When planning a piece, I combine methods of wheel throwing and handbuilding to create a form with interesting contours before painting on the clay. I sometimes sketch out designs, but the most exciting pots are the ones that dictate a spontaneous mark with the brush. When the painting is completed, I carve areas to highlight the details and pull out the warm lines of the terra cotta clay. The finished pieces are fired to cone 2. This slightly higher temperature creates a more durable earthenware piece. Pottery Studio

Pottery Studio Pottery Commissions are available and have included:

  • Wedding and Anniversary Gifts
  • Bridesmaids Gifts
  • Dinner Sets
  • Communion Sets

  • To inquire about a commission, send an email or message on Facebook. Most commissions can be completed in 6-8 weeks, depending on the order.

    camden, sc              803-272-9718


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